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  1. What are HIV 1 and HIV 2?

    They are the two species of HIV infect humans: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is more virulent. It is easily transmitted and is the cause of the majority of HIV infections globally. HIV-2 is less transmittable and is largely confined to West Africa. iCare HIV rapid screen test kit is able to detect HIV 1 and HIV 2 in 5 minutes.
  2. Why and who should test for HIV?

    HIV is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Anyone can be at risk. Most infected people do not know their HIV status as they look and feel well. Most common routes of infection are: • Unprotected sexual contacts with infected person(s) • Repeated use of needles in connection with drugs • Use of unsafe blood products or transfusion with infected blood • Transfer of infection from a positive mother to her child • Intravenous drug users • Health care workers who take blood sample
  3. When should I test?

    If you have a reason to suspect a possible infection of yourself or your sexual partner(s), it is wise to take a test. We advise you to wait 3 months before you do a test because although most people will manifest antibody levels within 30 days, a significant percentage do not show these anti-bodies until about 90 days. The National CDC has said that in some rare cases, it may even take up to six months for one to be tested positive. At this point, the results will be 99.9% accurate. We recommend you do 2 tests 30 days apart.
  4. Why need to get tested early?

    Earlier diagnosis and entry to care are associated with better prognosis and survival.(Among HIV-infected persons with CD4+ cell counts of 201--350 cells/µL, initiating antiretroviral therapy was associated with reduced mortality, compared with delaying such therapy until <200 cells/µL ) Late testing results in missed opportunities for preventing HIV infections. During the time between HIV infection and diagnosis, infected persons can transmit HIV to others when they engage in practices that put their partners at risk. HIV transmission could be reduced by increasing awareness of HIV status through early testing. Knowledge of HIV serostatus promotes adoption of safer sexual practices.
  5. What if I am tested positive?

    If you are tested positive, please consult your doctor immediately.
  6. What is iCare HIV Test Kit used for?

    iCare HIV Test Kit will give the user a private, sensible, quick and accurate rapid test results in 5 minutes to ascertain if the user is infected with HIV virus. It is an aid only to identify infected individuals. *Please note that the Test Kit is an aid only to identify individual at this point of time. Doctors advise that the typical period of time between first contact and a positive test indication is about 90 days.
  7. What do you mean by ‘window period’?

    The "window period" is the time it takes for a person who has been infected with HIV to react to the virus by creating HIV antibodies. This is called seroconversion. During the window period, people infected with HIV have no antibodies in their blood that can be detected by a HIV test, even though the person may already have high levels of HIV in their blood, sexual fluids, or breast milk.
  8. Why should I buy more than 1 test kit?

    Most people develop detectable HIV antibodies within 6 to 12 weeks of infection. In very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months. It is exceedingly unlikely that someone would take longer than 6 months to develop antibodies. Getting tested earlier than 3 months may result in an unclear test result, as an infected person may not yet have developed antibodies to HIV. The time between infection and the development of antibodies is called the window period. During the window period people infected with HIV will not yet have antibodies in their blood that can be detected by an HIV test. However, the person may already have high levels of HIV in their blood, sexual fluids or breast milk. Someone can transmit HIV to another person during the window period even though they do not test positive on an antibody test. So it is best to wait for at least 3 months after the last time you were at risk before taking the test, and abstain from unprotected sex or drug use with shared needles in the meantime. It is recommended for testing again at 6 months if you're deemed to be at particularly high risk of infection.
  9. What are WHO?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that acts as a coordinating authority on international public health. iCare HIV test kit has been evaluated by WHO and approved by Local Authorities and tested in labs.
  10. How reliable is the iCare Rapid Screen Test Kit?

    iCare HIV test kit has accuracy of 99.98% and iCare HIV Test Kit has been thoroughly and successfully tested for its reliability, accuracy and sensitivity by regional health ministries and major reputable hospitals in Singapore.
  11. Is there any HIV present in the test and can I be infected by the test?

    There is no HIV present in the test and you cannot be infected by a new unused test. The rapid test kit is double sealed in air tight packaging and the lancet has been sterilised.
  12. Can I use the test more than once?

    The lancet is for one-time use only. Once you pricked, the lancet will be retracted to avoid contact of the needle to other people to avoid infection. The test device is for one-time use only.
  13. Is my privacy guaranteed if I order from Nexus Laboratories?

    All information you provide to Nexus Laboratories will be treated confidentially. Your order will be sent to you in a blank, anonymous package without the name of our company or anything about the content on it. Read the privacy statement for more information. Your credit card statement will only show "Mobile88"
  14. Do i need to be at home to sign for the parcel?

    For orders within Malaysia : All orders made within Malaysia will be sent using Pos Laju express mail delivery which will reach the customer within 24 hours. The test kit will be sent in a standard envelope. There will be no marking or writing on the envelope which indicates the content of the envelope for privacy purposes. The delivery is 100% confidential. You will need to be at home to sign for the parcel. If you are not at home at the time of the delivery, Pos Laju will drop a door tag in your mail box and you can collect the parcel from the Pos Laju office. For orders outside Malaysia : If you choose for Normal Air Mail Delivery, you do not need to be at home to receive the parcel. The parcel is packed in a small envelope which is small enough to fit into your mail box. The test kit is packed in plain and discreet envelope. There will not be any sign on the envelope indicating that the content is a hiv test kit. If you choose for Express Mail Delivery, the parcel will be sent using Fedex. Please be aware that you need to be at the delivery address in order to accept the package or if you cannot be at the delivery location during the business day, you may sign a Fedex door tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present. Alternatively, you can call up your local Fedex office and arrange for a delivery time which is convenient to you. The product will be sent in plain, discrete envelope. Correct email address and phone number are required so that the tracking number can be sent to you.
  15. Do you accept payment through Western Union?

    We do accept fund transfer using Western Union. Please contact us at admin@hivtest.com.my for the banking details.