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iCare HIV Test kit
iCare HIV Test kit

RM 48.00

Why and who should test for HIV?
HIV is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Anyone can be at risk. Most infected people do not know their HIV status as they look and feel well. Most common routes of infections are :

•    Unprotected Sexual contacts with infected person(s)
•    Repeated use of needles in connection with drugs.
•    Use of unsafe blood products
•    Transfer of infection from a positive mother to her child.
•    Intravenous drug users.
•    Health care workers who take blood samples.


Innovative features of iCare HIV Test Kit

•    5 minutes for actual results
•    Highly accurate (99.9% vs EIA method)
•    Highly sensitive (99.9%)
•    Highly specific (99.9%)
•    User friendly (no medical expertise required)
•    Simple procedures (please follow instructions as stated)
•    Easy interpretation of results.

Each iCare HIV Test Kit contains

•    1 x Test Cassette
•    1 x Dropper
•    1 x Buffer (Chemical to dilute blood sample)
•    1 x Lancet (Needle)
•    1 x Alcohol Swab (Clean finger for pricking)
•    Silicon Gel (Drying agent for keeping contents dry)

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Sample Collection

Testing Process


    (No HIV antibodies detected)
    Pink Line next to "C"

    (HIV antibodies detected)
    Pink Line next to "C" and "T"

    (The device may be faulty, please test again using a new kit)

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