Pros and Cons of HIV Testing

September 05, 2011

Though HIV has become quite prominent in our society, HIV, and HIV testing in specific is still a difficult topic for patients. Due to this problem, many HIV patients remain indifferent to their diagnosis since they have neglected to receive tests. However, the HIV Home Test Kit makes it possible for patients to receive testing in a private environment. In recent years, the HIV Home Test Kit and other products of its type have become widely available, and increasingly popular for testing purposes.

The HIV Home Test Kit is under scrutiny by many patients, due to the general misconception that only doctors can properly administer HIV testing. Many believe its better to attend public laboratories, or to risk not knowing at all. While the HIV Home Test Kit may have its downsides, its use as a private form of HIV testing is definitely noteworthy.


  • The HIV Home Test Kit is easy and convenient. The HIV Test Kit involves very little work, and costs little money. When using the product, you never need to worry about following proper procedures – the HIV Kit is safe and secure.
  • The HIV Home Test Kit is accurate, and is in no way inferior to those used in facilities across the globe. The product is fully compliant with medical standards, easily delivering worthwhile results accurately.
  • HIV Home Test Kit delivers results in merely minutes, much faster than one would receive results if tested at a laboratory. Results are delivered in a handy indicator window in merely minutes, in contrast to the long times accompanied by laboratory HIV testing.
  • The HIV Home Test Kit can be bought and administered in private, without releasing your personal or medical information on anyone. The HIV Home Test Kit can be ordered without entering personal information, so you have full anonymity when performing tests in your home.


  • The HIV Home Test Kit still costs money. At a free clinic, tests can be administered at no cost.
  • If tested positively, you'll eventually have to be tested again. Doctors will have to test you again before beginning treatment. However, this part of the process can be administered at your local doctor's office. No counseling is included with the HIV Home Test Kit.

The truth be told, the product of both tests are the same – positive or negative. Patients can expect the same results from either form of testing, as the HIV Home Test Kit is a completely valid package. Unless you really cannot afford the HIV Home Test Kit, there is no reason to devalue its use as a form of HIV testing.

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